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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

Hello, my name's Ashley Mills and I live in Surrey, just south of London, England. I'm happy you found my page.  This is where you can find out a bit about me - though nothing beats a face to face chat!

I found Scentsy by chance & had the feeling it would alter my life. At the time I had a whole heap of things going on, including a 60 hr week as a childcare professional.  

What I didn't know was just HOW right it would be for me!  It has given me the flexibility to work my own hours and become self-employed, something I never thought I would do and this itself has brought me a lot of personal benefits.  I was able to alter my main job to teach first aid. The safety aspect of Scentsy products is something I like to emphasise as it's not JUST about the beautiful fragrance alone!

Greater balance in my life, more time for family and friends, better health as I have more time for ME and things I WANT to do, not just what I NEED to do! Who wouldn't want those things?

The chance to learn new skills and make new friends is a fantastic bonus too - Scentsy is far more than the products and each time I attend an event I am happily reminded of that. I can honestly say, I've made some lifelong friendships and feel so thankful for that.

I'm a typical Thursday's child, itchy for new experiences etc.  I have always liked to see what I could be capable of above what I already know I can do. Scentsy has given me many opportunities to find that out.  I think it does everyone good to find their niche and what they are good at, sometimes even surprising themselves. Working towards promotions and incentive trips gives me the challenge I need to stop feeling stuck in a rut as I have in previous work.
I love the products: I love the quality, the flexibility of choice AND the fact it's so safe too.  Knowing that using Scentsy can enhance homes AND bank balance by sharing that enthusiasm is an amazing feeling.

If any of what I've said has given you even the smallest spark of interest, do get in touch.

Ashley x